The official organizer of the event is the Sports Club MILO, founded in the spring of 2022. The club's goal from the outset has been to provide low-threshold activities, especially in areas where such activities are scarce or nonexistent. Currently, the Sports Club MILO organizes activities in Kouvola and Tampere, engaging approximately 150 children weekly. The proceeds from the event are directed towards maintaining and developing the club's activities for children and youth.




Greetings to all participants of the Milosports event! 

I'm Leevi, 23 years old, currently studying to become a fitness instructor at a university of applied sciences. My passion for fitness and health constantly guides me to learn and grow. The Milosports event provides a fantastic opportunity to combine various sports and challenge myself as both an event organizer and other competitors to give their all in this diverse competition. 

I'm feeling extremely positive and enthusiastic about the upcoming event. I look forward to new experiences, challenges, and most importantly, the opportunity to spend time with other individuals passionate about fitness. I hope that together we can create an unforgettable and energetic event experience for everyone! 

See you at the Milosports event!



I'm Oona, a 23-year-old social research student. I've been involved in organizing the Milosports event for the second year because exercise is a significant source of strength for me, and I'd like to inspire others to find enjoyable ways to stay active. 

In my opinion, multisport is an amazing activity because it offers options for people at different fitness levels, and its versatility makes exercise both interesting and addictive. We wanted to create our own multisport event because currently there aren't enough such events, and the Kymenlaakso region offers excellent opportunities for the sport. My goal is to deliver a successful event for participants that ignites their passion for movement. 

So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, come join us to challenge yourself in enjoyable physical activities. The Milosports event welcomes all kinds of participants. 

See you in September!



My name is Iita, and I'm in my third year studying to become a fitness instructor at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. Comprehensive well-being is particularly important to me, which is why I chose to study fitness. As a future professional, I aim to spread the joy of exercise and thereby enhance overall well-being. 

I joined the Milosports event because its proceeds are used to develop low-threshold sports opportunities for children and young people. I also want to learn more about project work. 

In addition to bringing my accumulated expertise to the event, I hope to contribute new perspectives during the project development phase, and I aim to create a positive and safe atmosphere through my actions. 

Wishing you a pleasant spring!