Feedback for the 2023 event was collected via email and social media. Microsoft Office Forms tool served as the platform for collecting feedback. A total of 47 participants responded to the feedback. Below is a summary of the feedback and responses to consider for future events. A big thank you to everyone who responded to the feedback.


  • Venue (4.60) 

  • Competition Course (4.55) 

  • Surprise Tasks (4.20) 

  • Catering (4.10) 

  • Communication (3.70)


The feedback has been translated from Finnish to English


  • "You succeeded very well in organizing the event, and the event was absolutely fantastic. We enjoyed the day to the fullest and look forward to next year and a new event. The routes and tasks were good and really tested the competitors physically." "

  • An event made with a good vibe! A big thank you to you! The day was successful overall, and we had a fun day!" 

  • "The event had a pleasant atmosphere, even among the competitors in the terrain. Very good route. Great facilities for arrangements. At no point during the competition did the thought arise that any arrangement wouldn't work." 

  • "Well-planned route, with sufficient challenge in terms of navigation. All arrangements during the competition worked really well. 

  • "An extremely successful event. Visits to the checkpoints were very clear, i.e., one stamp per checkpoint. In some competitions, stamps are given when coming and going, which sometimes causes confusion. The beverage service at the finish line was absolutely good. The route was pleasantly varied, with small paths and occasionally smooth terrain." 

  • "The event was organized in a very versatile and thoughtful manner, the checkpoints were fun, and the camaraderie among all participants was pleasant and effective. I'm looking forward to next summer!"


  • "Same maps for both competitors, a bit more diverse tasks (more mental work/concentration/precision, etc.), and maybe a bit more staff at the checkpoints to monitor performances and provide guidance." 

  • "The physical demands were a bit surprising, but it got done. Perhaps I would have liked more fun tasks or a few more quest tasks in general. The soap slide was super fun! The activity of the checkpoint staff was quite subdued. Encouragement and creating a good atmosphere for the task wouldn't hurt! Maybe some music and photography as well. Clearer instructions at some checkpoints would have been appreciated." 

  • "A map at the competition center beforehand, or maybe I missed it if there was one. It would make it easier to find the sauna after finishing, etc. The checkpoint descriptions, although there was only one set of checkpoints and they were in place/easily found. Two maps would also be nice so that both can navigate." 

  • "The GPS tracking was excellent, but the official results could have been sent out to the world faster and communicated better. The timing of the meal was a bit unclear between the kitchen and the competition info. For social media visibility, it might be a good idea to have a photographer follow the competitors during the event, so that participants could also share pictures after the competition."



Each team member will have their own maps so that both can participate in orienteering, and control descriptions will be marked on the maps for clarity. Along the route, there will be at least one or more refueling points, which will be announced to participants in advance. Additionally, the link for GPS tracking will be shared in advance, allowing home viewers to follow the competition. Participants will be able to see split times from the control points for timing.


In 2024, we are improving communication both before and during the event. Specifically, this means creating a more comprehensive pre-event briefing, also available in English. We will send participants the event area map in advance, which will also be available at the competition site. Additionally, we will provide better guidance to the volunteers present so that information can be obtained from multiple individuals at the event site.


We aim to create a proper event atmosphere for participants. There will be sound systems for announcements and music throughout the event area. Photographers will be present at the event area and along the route, capturing the event experience. Furthermore, there will be staff at the control points to cheer on participants and create a positive atmosphere.


We will organize catering ourselves, so participants can eat flexibly throughout the day.